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Apchhi. And there is no 3.3 billion rubles

In 2021, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the head of the National Immunobiological Company (created by Rostec) Andrei Zagorsky promised to invest 3.3 billion rubles in order to double the production of influenza vaccines in Ryazan (the Fort plant is a subsidiary of Nacimbio) and even signed the relevant documents. The investment project was planned for 3 years. But as often happens, the money is spent, the existing production is destroyed, and a new one is never created. Details at Rucriminal.info.

The agreement was signed by Zagorsky, and his team of effective managers took over the implementation. First, lawyer Migunov Alexander Vladimirovich (director for legal and corporate affairs of Microgen, another daughter of Nacimbio) and lawyer Ovchinnikov Nikolai Sergeevich (deputy of Zagorsky in Nacimbio) actively contributed to the technical inspection of the production building by the LLC Bureau of Construction Expertise Guarantee from Yekaterinburg. The conclusion and implementation of the agreement was accompanied by Veniamin Aleksandrovich Potashnikov and Alexander Aleksandrovich Sergeev (father and son, who simultaneously held several positions in Microgen branches and other Nacimbio subsidiaries).

For the actual construction work and supply of equipment, Migunov and Ovchinnikov found another contractor, again in Yekaterinburg. Potashnikov and Zagorsky agreed on the documents, signed them, and transferred the advance payment (500 million rubles) to ORUM LLC.

Apparently, the corporate issues that Ovchinnikov and Migunov resolve within the framework of their official duties also include how to write off old equipment from one Nacimbio subsidiary and install it in another Nacimbio subsidiary under the guise of new.

The answer was found: the Tomsk branch of Microgen lost its ampoule line, and the Orum LLC company received equipment that must be delivered to the Fort under the guise of a new one (but this scheme was not to the liking of the director of the Tomsk branch A.A. Koltunov, for which he was sentenced in July 2023). he was fired).

However, all efforts to double the production of influenza vaccines have so far been unsuccessful. On the contrary, in 2023, production in Ryazan decreased by 30% compared to 2022.

As a result, Microgen without equipment, Fort without money and a flu workshop, and Zagorsky with his own unfulfilled promises.

It is surprising why such a situation went unnoticed by the security service of the Fort and the entire Nacimbio. Probably, as usual, security service employees simultaneously occupy several positions in different subsidiaries of the company and simply do not have time to fulfill their official duties.

And just the other day, another top manager of Microgen, Zharnikov Alexander Evgenievich, who had fallen out of favor, was dismissed, the head of the “Development of Bacteriophages” project, and not alone, but with his entire team, will the country soon lose these much-needed medicines???...

Yuri Prokov

To be continued